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Name : Diamantina Charcoal 4WD S.I. Mattress Double

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These are the fastest selling self inflating mattresses in our range and have been the no 1 selling mattresses for camping for many years. Available in a number of shapes and sizes for different needs - car camping, hiking, weekend camping, swags etc.

People love them because they are high quality, insulating and warm, and highly comfortable.

Get your hands on a Diamantina Self Inflating Mattress today and you wont look back.

NEW IMPROVED MODEL - includes high density foam with egg shell/ crinkle cut top of the foam. The reasons for these improvements are as follows:

1) the ripple foam is only on the top. It makes the top of the bed softer to sleep on and also easier to roll up, more compact. A fantastic innovation

2) The foam used in this bed is the key. It is high density foam, meaning it will out last low density foam and keep its shape for longer. However high density foam is harder to roll up. So with the crinkle cut foam top this makes it easier to roll up and maintains the high quality foam.

Look out for these innovations - not all 4WD mattresses are the same as this quality, some other brands use a low density foam inside.

The Diamantina 4WD mattress offers the comfort of air, combined with the warmth, insulation and stable structure of the foam. Best of all, they blow up by themselves - no pump required.

These mattresses come with 4 valves on the bottom edge, draw string carry bag and repair kit. Dont confuse this model with the 8cm thick models available. This one is 10cm thick giving much greater comfort and support.

Diamantina Self Inflating Mattresses have evolved and been improved oveer a number of years - the best nights sleep outdoors !


Dimensions: 126(w) x 190(l) x 10cm(d)

High Density crinkle cut foam

Carry bag & repair kit included

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