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Company was founded in 1993, has been committed to the development of light industry products, production and sales. At the same time, the company and China more than one hundred manufacturers have close cooperation. We share technology, clear division of labor, cooperation. Our team has excellent technical staff, advanced factory equipment.

At present, our technology R & D personnel more than thirty thousand people, the total number of employees more than two thousand people. Efficient R & D innovation capability, advanced production equipment, modern management mode, excellent stability of product quality, operating more than five thousand varieties of products. We are one step at a time, the sense of practice to provide cheap goods target for the world.

Through us, you can find all the goods you need.

Choose our products, you have to get the following assurances: 1) Quality assurance: a stable of excellent quality 2) Price Guarantee: stable competitive 3) Delivery guarantee: long-term supply rapid and timely


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